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EOD Inc is a Growth and Innovation Consultancy focused on Identifying Global Strategic Partnerships and New Market Potential While Managing Implementation.

We take innovative solutions and expedite product growth through market entry strategy and strategic partnership engagement. We implement by; leveraging industry relationships, having a thorough understanding of current industry challenges, and identifying new verticals and ecosystems for product/service implementation.
While there is no shortage of new innovative technologies, we believe there needs to be a new and innovative model on how these solutions are brought to market. Through our creative approach, we open up new opportunities for companies to diversify their customer base and to solve industry challenges as a differentiated leader.

EOD works with SMEs, startups, mining companies, associations, and technology corporations to help achieve sustainable growth with new innovations. EOD provides engagement models, and innovation models to help clients scale internationally, increase market share, penetrate a targeted market, and to sustain continuous improvement and innovation.

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Market Intelligence

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Expedited Revenue Generation

We take solutions and expedite the process of product adoption into targeted markets. Click below.   

New Solution Implementation 

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